Sarah Burns

Key Accounts Executive

SarahBurns 1 - Sarah Burns
Sarah Burns is the Key Accounts Executive with the Fortitude Investment Group. A consummate professional with 10 years of experience in the financial services and accounting industries, she specializes in overseeing key accounts within the organization, ensuring seamless customer service to current clients while identifying new opportunities to build the group’s pipeline. She oversees Fortitude’s customer relationship management system and functions as a liaison for the Executive Leadership Team by communicating with clients to ensure their satisfaction with the organization’s products and services. Sarah graduated from Clarion University in Clarion, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. As part of her philanthropic efforts, she started a non-profit foundation, Make A Child’s Life, in 2008 to provide assistance to families that care for disabled children. She enjoys spending time with her 2 daughters, Madison and Macy. An avid kayaker, skier, and volunteer, she resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.