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In its simplest terms, a 1031 or a 1031 exchange is a swap of one asset for another.  Unlike a sale, which is a swap for cash, a 1031 is a ‘”like-kind exchange” which is also known as a Starker.   The beauty of these exchanges is that they limit the amount of tax due.  This means that under the eyes of the IRS, you will not recognize any capital gains from the transaction.  As you can see, this can be a powerful tool to defer taxes as you can roll the gains from one investment into another.  This can continue until you sell the final asset.

However, 1031s are not a panacea.  Special rules are used to determine eligibility and the entire process needs to be managed to ensure that “depreciation recapture” does not occur.   When this happens, gains are taxed as ordinary income at a much higher rate.  While this can be avoided, there are situations where it might not apply.

Download this simple 12 step guide that shows you how to file the documentation to help guide you to complete your exchange correctly.