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Fortitude Investment Group, LLC. executes record investment for a family’s 1031 Exchange into a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) real estate portfolio. has successful DST sales in excess of $180,000,000.00 in Q4 2017.

One might think that passive real estate investments are for the less sophisticated and smaller real estate owners and investors; They would be wrong. Daniel P. Raupp and his team at Fortitude Investment Group, LLC. have just set an industry record by facilitating an investment of $176,000,000.00 worth of real estate proceeds from the sale…
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If a property will be condemned in the future and the landowner will receive a condemnation award, should the landowner do a §1031 exchange with the proceeds and buy a new property or should the landowner go forward with a §1033 exchange? What is the best choice?

The §1031 option may be restrictive. With the §1031 exchange, the landowner cannot take possession of the money. If the condemnation award check is made out to the landowner, he cannot do a §1031. The money must go directly to a Qualified Intermediary (QI) to qualify for a §1031 exchange. Once he gets the condemnation…
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Author: Jeffrey Alan Kiesnoski & Daniel Raupp Co-Founders-Managing Directors of Fortitude Investment Group I speak with Real Estate Attorneys, CPA’s, investment property Real Estate Brokers on daily basis and have come to realize that the majority of these professionals are not aware of the 1031 Exchange utilizing the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) as a…
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Fortitude Investment Group, LLC Highlights Important Fundamental Rules Regarding 1031 Real Estate Exchanges.

New York, NY Author: Jeffrey Alan Kiesnoski Fortitude Investment Group, LLC specializes in helping accredited investors nationwide locate securitized 1031 Real Estate replacement properties through its proprietary website . is a web portal in which accredited investors can search out approved diversified 1031 Delaware Statutory Trust replacement properties in multiple real estate sectors…
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